How to Find a Rent To Own House in Middletown

Are you trying to find a rent to own house in your Middletown or NJ? Rent to own house deals are not hard to find if you know where to look. But these deals are not the mainstream type of real estate deal when you are looking for a home. What you will usually find are either … Continued

Tips on Selling a Rent to Own House in Middletown Fast

Are you planning to move soon or relocating to another area and need to sell your home fast? Sometimes it just takes looking at something from another perspective. Selling a house with a rent to own arrangement may be a solution if you cannot sell your home fast enough the traditional way. Why Sell with … Continued

Residential vs Commercial Hard Money Loans

Are you wondering what the difference is between Residential vs commercial hard money loans? Look no further because we’ll help you out in this informative blog post that should answer all of your questions. (And if you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly and helpful team at (732) 996-9850! … Continued

4 Situations Where Hard Money Loans Are Ideal

If you’re a real estate investor you need to know about hard money loans because they can help you invest! As a service to investors, here are 4 situations where hard money loans are ideal. Real estate investors know: it can sometimes take money to make money! In other words, if you want to acquire … Continued

How to find good investment property in Middletown

Lots of investors are looking to get started, and as active real estate experts in Middletown NJ, we get asked to share our secrets quite a bit. Fortunately, we love to share 🙂 One of the biggest questions we get from local investors is ” How to find a good investment property in Middletown NJ?” With the … Continued

Real estate investing Resources in Middletown

So you wanna get started investing in Middletown and you’re checking things out, eh? Good for you. Always do your homework and you won’t get schooled. Here’s some great tools that we’ve found and we use from time to time and great real estate investing resources in Middletown for investors here locally to tap into … Continued

How to find foreclosures in Middletown NJ

There’s a lot of competition to find great deals on local Middletown NJ foreclosure properties. Finding them is only one part of the process – you also need to know how to capture them. Here are a few secrets from the pros that we’ve used with great success on how to find great foreclosure deals in Middletown … Continued

Investment Property Tax Deductions List for Middletown

Uncle Sam gives, and Uncle Sam takes away. But in the case of buying local Middletown investment properties… you can earn investment property tax deductions for your Middletown properties. For real estate investors, the United States provides the opportunity to earn a living purchasing investment properties… and holding those properties as investments, and of course the … Continued

Tips on Buying Real Estate with your IRA in Middletown – My Y Holdings LLC

While most people understand that real estate is an investment, many people are taking advantage of the qualified retirement accounts to purchase real estate as an appreciating or revenue-generating instrument like IRAs. It’s really important to understand the tax implications, legal ramifications, and various other intricacies of purchasing Middletown real estate within your IRA. So, let’s dive into … Continued